I am Michael Bonneau. I am a diver and a photographer. I have always been drawn to the water. As a child I lived in Puerto Rico and was swimming at the beach every weekend. In college I taught swimming and worked as a pool lifeguard. In 1974 I took a scuba class as a college senior just for fun and have been a diver ever since.

Around 1984 I bought a Nikonos V camera, read the manual and took it on my next dive trip. My first images left much to be desired but not to be discouraged, I have not been diving without my camera in my hand since. I have taken pictures of anything that would hold still long enough to lock focus. From film to digital I have grown with underwater photography.

My vision is to use my camera to create underwater art with images that are beautiful and tell a story about the underwater world. I love wide angle close focus shots, reef scenes with divers and big animals. I continue to travel the world and explore new sites and interesting cultures. My latest passion is capturing life and motion in the seas on HD video.


Visit my business website at MichaelBonneauAssoc.com